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On the occasion of the exhibition Fleurs à l'affiche ! Privat Livemont, at the Maison Autrique:
Between Japonism and Art Nouveau: Retracing the Hybrid Influences in Privat Livemont’s Works

In the company of Dr. Saskia Thoelen
Art/Fashion historian at Bunka Gakuen University (JPN)

It is widely known that the formative characteristics of Art Nouveau, such as the usage of natural elements, asymmetry, compositions with blank spaces, planar expressions and bold colors were influenced by Japanese art. The movement’s ideology of equality between the arts and crafts and the return of art in everyday life, was equally influenced by Japan’s aesthetic thought. Many Art Nouveau artists collected Japanese art and integrated influences from Japanese art in the development of their own Art Nouveau expressions. In Privat Livemont’s work, this tendency is also visible.
This presentation will discuss the influence of Japanese art on Privat Livemonts posters and artworks. Livemont's works will be compared with concrete ukiyo-e prints and Japanese figurative characteristics that Belgian Art Nouveau artists were aware of at the time.

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Maison Autrique - Chaussée de Haecht 266 - 1030 Schaerbeek
28/08 18:30→19:30
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